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Welcome to Kor.Le.Kour Accessories is a sustainable and eco-friendly brand based in Ghana. Our creative lead, Priscilla K Agyeman, brings her expertise in Industrial ArtĀ  and passion to the forefront of our mission. With almost a decade of experience working with multinational companies in Ghana and six years dedicated to building Kor.Le.Kour Accessories, Priscilla is committed to creating a sustainable fashion brand.

At Kor.Le.Kour, our vision is to promote a more sustainable future by utilizing recycled materials from Ghana. We take pride in sourcing 70% of our raw materials locally, supporting the economy and sustaining the livelihoods of traders and artisans in the process. By transforming recycled glass into beautiful beads, we are able to showcase the true essence of sustainable fashion.

As a brand, we are deeply rooted in the values of environmental consciousness and social responsibility. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our choice of materials. Priscilla is a proud alumna of the Ghana Climate and Innovation Centre, an organisation dedicated to fostering green and sustainable businesses in Ghana. Through this partnership, we strive to positively impact our environment and contribute to the growth of a greener economy.

When you shop with Kor.Le.Kour, you are not only investing in high-quality accessories but also joining us in our journey towards a more sustainable world. We believe that fashion can be beautiful, ethical, and environmentally conscious. Together, let’s make a difference, by saving the planet one accessory at a timeĀ 

Explore our collection today and discover the unique beauty of sustainable fashion with Kor.Le.Kour Accessories.

We a sustainable accessories brand Saving the planet one accessory at a time.
Priscilla Korlekour Agyeman
Founder, Owner
Our Team

At Kor.Le.Kour, we have a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about sustainability and artistry. [Priscilla K Agyeman ], with their extensive experience in [ Industrial Art ], leads our team as the Creative Lead providing strategic direction and ensuring our mission is achieved. Our designers and craftsmen possess exceptional expertise in working with recycled glass, bringing innovation and creativity to every piece they create. Their commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship reflects in the quality and uniqueness of our products.

Our Approach/Methodology

Kor.Le.Kour stands apart from others through our innovative approach and methodology. We prioritize sustainable sourcing by collaborating with local recycling centres, ensuring that the glass we use comes from post-consumer waste. Our design process involves carefully selecting glass pieces, meticulously cutting and shaping them, and incorporating them into our jewellery and home decorations. Each item is handcrafted, allowing us to pay attention to every detail and create truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

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